Diaper Daze

18+ for those who are confused about their diaperdentity. I have been AbDl for a while now, so i reblog only my fav's here, and sometimes post my own ideas. Get a honey-dipped paci and enjoy ^o^

I am your atypical, abnormal, 25 year old, white, straight, Caucasian male from New York State. Now that that’s out of the way, I like diapers and age-play, meditation, classical music, dancing, music festivals, and glow sticks. I like cooking, playing piano, and helping others understand themselves better when I am able to. My favorite thing to do is invent snow days when its not snowing and stay home when possible, or getting lost in a crowd of people. Would (also) be too amazing if I made some friends or (even a romance ); I've only met one other ab/dl.

Diaper Daze

Dalsnibba Mountain, Norway | Pavel Suslov

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Forest at Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA
:) what a stuck up cat

Eruption | Tavuvur Volcano, Papua New Guinea